What creeps me out about Donald Trump

Trump fans will hate on this post, because political tribalism makes football season look like a My Little Pony commercial. Calm down, every candidate will get a fair shake.

I’ve already written about why Trump’s candidacy was a good thing, and I’m a fan of his ability to freak out the media. “The Donald” phenomena was awesome, but I just can’t swallow candidate Trump.

He voted for Obama. Twice. He’s used the club of government for his own ends, and when he’s called on it, his response is “I’m smarter than conservatives, and jobs outrank property rights.” He’s donated to democrats. Not ancient candidates like Carter or Mondale, but Clinton and Obama, both clear and present dangers to our nation. He’s changed position on so many issues so many times that people never know if they’re being duped by a slimy businessman. That nagging feeling won’t go away and I’ve learned not to try and make it.

I’m all for a show of strength, but arrogance is not strength. He’s really divisive, at a time when conservatives very much need healing. He utterly lacks humility. Maybe the problem is that it’s been so long since a grown up was in charge, America doesn’t remember what it looks like.

There’s also the specter of an independent run should he lose the nomination. I have no love for the GOP, but should Trump split the not-Hillary vote, history will repeat itself and Trump will be the new Ross Perot (for another Clinton). Nothing Trump says can assuage that fear, which exposes underlying trust issues. We also need to ask ourselves if America needs a hotel/casino boss as president.

Overall, there’s too much baggage to haul. In a primary with Bob Dole, Trump would have been great. This time, there’s better options.

***UPDATE: There’s one more major reason I don’t trust Donald Trump. The Republican National Committee is backing him. We all know the RNC hates grassroots conservatives above anything. If they’ve decided to back Trump, it’s not because he’s friendly to dismantling excessive government.



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