GOP Quarter Quell

Remember who the real enemy is.

Primary season reduces friends and neighbors to enemies as we root for “our” candidate. Evangelicals, libertarians, social conservatives, fiscal conservatives, tea partiers, etc… Everyone fighting for a piece of the polling pie.

Who wins? Always the Capitol.

Iowa is shaping up to be a battle between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, and rumors are swirling that the GOP Establishment has decided they hate Ted Cruz more than they fear Donald Trump. Trump isn’t a stranger to paying to play with the cudgel of government, so they likely think he’ll play ball more than Cruz. Trump may embarrass the political class, but Cruz will fire them.

I also hear that democrat voters may be “defecting” to Trump. This is one of two things. One, democrats want to face Trump in the general, and are willing to help him over the primary hump. Two, the Establishment GOP is deploying the “Mississippi Strategy,” which involves crossover get-out-the-vote operations to democrat areas for the express purpose of defeating a conservative candidate (Cruz). Either way, it’s not a good sign for actual conservatives.

The GOP establishment hates conservatives, and they have for decades. Mitt Romney, John McCain, Bob Dole, and Bush 41 were picks of “mainstream” Republicans. (Don’t try the Bush-won line, he was billed as Reagan’s 3rd term and the moment he stood on his own record, Clinton won.) Democrat-lite candidates that have more in common with Nancy Pelosi than Ronald Reagan are normal in the Capitol. Washington elites have hated conservatives for so long it’s now difficult for them to hide their contempt.

WE are the enemy of Mitch McConnell, Speaker Paul Ryan, Reince Prebuis, and every other establishment politician for one reason only. We want D.C. to be less powerful. They want their turn at the wheel. Establishment paradigms go right down to the state and county level as well, with operatives that believe it’s their job bend our support to the elites, not the other way around.

Rank and file conservatives didn’t pick this fight, and apart from blindly following their lead, we have nothing they want. To the Establishment, Election 2016 isn’t about who can compromise with the people, it’s about who gets to rule them.

That’s what America is up against. It’s not GOP vs. Democrats, it’s the Capitol vs. everyone else. Don’t forget it, because they sure haven’t.

Plan and execute accordingly.

P.S. Clinton is an enemy, but not yet. I applaud the candidates who make her the target, because that’s their job. It’s our job to push back against GOPe, because someone 80% my enemy is not likely 20% my friend.


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