In Defense of Self-Defense

In the wake of the Roseburg school shooting, national debate over gun control is raging once more. According to people who have never been attacked, taking away self-defense tools from regular people will somehow make the world a safer place. I’m guessing they mean “a better place… for abusers.”

I want to puke. And possibly kick in their front door at 3am.

Childhood wasn’t great for me. Basically, my parents are the bad guys in a Lifetime movie, inflicting about every type of abuse you can imagine. Mom was the more physically violent one. She was also a blue belt in Karate, so her beatings were, um, precise. One interesting twist in her physical abuse came if I made a move to protect myself. Raising my arms (or curling up) to shield the blows brought more hits, which was… counterproductive. It took a while, but eventually I learned to make myself defenseless in the hope of reducing the number of attacks.

It. Didn’t. Work.

What gun control proponents are asking me (and you) to do is to hold still in terror as we are beaten. Raping and killing are also on the menu, and gun control supporters are ok with that. Let me say that again, gun control supporters are willing to have people beaten, raped, and killed to gratify their ideas.

Unless the Second Coming of Jesus happened earlier today, there will always be bad guys. There will always be abusers. But, unless gun production is halted on a global scale, bad guys will be able to get guns. And evil people will continue to do violence because that’s what they do.

What gun control advocates are really working toward is making normal people defenseless. It’s an abomination. What blows my mind is the weight our society is giving this argument. Are we, on a national scale, actually considering creating a defenseless population in the hope that violent people will be less violent?

The Roseburg/Sandyhook/Columbine teachers should have been armed and trained. The students should have been armed and trained. The security guard should have been armed and trained. Gun control protects no one but the assailant and/or tyrannical government officials.

Let me tell you about the last time my mother beat me. I was 16, and sweeping the kitchen floor. I must have said something that set her off, and she grabbed the broom from me. This time, I didn’t let go of the stick. The broom was collapsible, and she twisted the handle into two pieces, leaving both of us with half a broomstick. I was on the floor from the struggle when she began swinging her stick at me, club-style. I held up my stick to block the incoming strikes. I remember the look on her face as she processed the fact that her assault wasn’t working. For the first time, we were evenly matched, and it was because I had a tool that stopped me from getting beat. She paused after several strikes (that bent my metal pipe), then threw her pipe down and stormed away.

Telling survivors they should be re-victimized to satisfy your opinion is a moral atrocity. Please believe me when I say I will never again be that girl, frozen in terror as an attacker violates me. You want to destroy my right to defend myself? Come and take it, because I’ve proven I can take a hit. Have you?

Because if you come for me, you’re going to find out.


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