Gun Control Google Translate: Governments Only

Note: First off, I’m sorry for the loss of life and loved ones in the UCC Shooting. I regret having to post on this topic so close to the attack, but I’m not the one who politicized the tragedy, and to remain silent while government officials fear monger is a disservice to our nation.

So, we’ve got another school shooting, and government-types wasted no time calling for more gun control. Liberals throw around terms like background checks, assault weapon bans, reduced magazine rounds, firearm registration, and loop holes. What’s missing from their talking points is the end result of these ideas (pretty sure that’s intentional.)

They’ve been working toward it in baby steps, but the final goal for gun control supporters is a completely disarmed civilian and a fully armed police force. Don’t believe me? Find a liberal and ask them, “In what situation(s) would you prefer and support a civilian armed?” The longer they take to answer, the more defenseless they think people should be.

Gun control proponents are actually more interested in gun concentration, making only people paid by the government armed. Some supporters may have good intentions, which means nothing. When depriving people of moral rights, safety, and self-defense, you don’t get credit for what you were trying to do.

In my discussions with supporters of gun control, their end usually goes like this:

“We need to reduce the number of guns on the street so less people will die from gun violence… Yes I know criminals don’t obey laws, which is why we need to choke off the supply; they should make selling guns illegal… No, they can sell to police and military, just not civilians… You’re right, we can’t only target American companies, we need to ban all businesses from selling guns to non-government employees… No, I don’t think gun manufacturers in Russia, Africa, Asia, and South America would try and sell their guns on the black market to cartels and terrorists… Yes, I think we could keep those guns out of the hands of gangs… Yes, we can disarm criminals if we take all the guns…”

Lather, rinse, repeat, bang head on desk.

Here’s a hint, if you can’t stop drugs or groups of dehydrated farmers from crossing the border, you can’t stop guns either. The legitimacy of the entire gun control argument rests on the idea that all  governments of the world will agree to stop making guns. Short of that, you’re talking about gun concentration. If you think the 1 percent of wealth crowd is bad, wait until you see what the 1 percent of firepower can do. There are already several examples… the Cambodian killing fields, Chinese revolution, USSR, and lets not forget the Holocaust. In the last century, gun control has killed over 100 million people, and that’s just the ones directly murdered by their own government.

Ban guns, because safety.
Ban guns, because safety.

Bad guys will never stop making guns, so the only people you’re disarming are civilians without access to a black market. The reality is that anything illegal isn’t hard to get, it’s simply more expensive.

P.S. The UCC Shooting? All students and teachers were disarmed. The guys who stopped the shooter? Armed. The badges they carried didn’t save the dead, but a gun in the classroom might have.


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