Eat the Young

The only thing more shocking than ten videos showing babies being ripped apart is America’s meh response. So far, the most mainstream defense of meat-marketing baby brains comes from the stem-cell research crowd. “We’ll cure disease” they said. “It will benefit humanity” they said. Call me insensitive, but drawing and quartering a baby to acquire medicine for adults seems a bit backward, doesn’t it? Is dissecting the young to feed medical advances to the old something to be proud of?

This is OK, because science.
This is OK, because science.

If killing children in the name of medicine is acceptable, it shouldn’t be a shock that protecting children from rape is “culturally offensive.”

Sgt. First Class Charles Martland and his co-worker Captain Daniel Quinn were just removed from the U.S. Army for physically assaulting a child rapist that beat the boy’s mother when she spoke out about his raping. I’m gonna repeat that. The US Government fired someone for intervening against a child rapist. The reason? Local Afghan (read: Islamic) culture is completely fine with child rape, so we are morally bound to accept it.

I’m detecting a common thread here. Somehow, in the name of choice and equality, it became acceptable to turn children into commodities; created to be slaughtered, traded, purchased, and sold by hanging weight.

Inflicting horror on children isn’t new. Islam has regulated child abuse of all types since it existed, and regressive cultures have a habit of sacrificing children. But the western world is supposed to have a higher standard. Things like child rape and murder used to be “grab your gun” moments in the community. If western culture is so enlightened, why are we creating laws specifically to allow the raping and killing of children?

Grinding up the young to feed the old is, shall we say, unsustainable. Right now, our legacy is going to be mountains of broken abuse survivors, infant corpses, and spectacular geriatric treatments. But if the most precious resource is our children, we should probably mean it.

And not in a price per pound sort of way.


One thought on “Eat the Young

  1. Children and their parents never dream of the day they will kill their future selves. If it must be done, the parties or the benefactors of the fetal tissue[body commodity brokers] can afford to pay for it. There is not way I would advocate for abortions on the black market. That is not safe.

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