Why Donald Trump Really Scares The Establishment

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. GOPe Inc. had all the numbers run, right down to the district level. Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton was going to be the next president, and crony capitalists the world over could count on business as usual. They had no reason to fear. Between professional sports, Hollywood, and reality TV, voters had no interest in primary season… or really anything of consequence.

Then, the Establishment’s beloved bread and spectacle produced a juggernaut, capable of breaking the firewall between entertainment and reality. His name is Donald Trump.

Our entertainment glutted culture is precisely what makes The Donald so formidable. Name recognition is the single most valuable thing a candidate for office can have, surpassing even money. It’s why every two years, busy intersections across the nation get more sign graffiti than a truck-stop bathroom and registered voters get more robocalls than an actual woman on Ashley Madison.

Donald Trump has been a household name since John Bohener was a “foot solider in the Reagan Revolution.” He’s made billions, married supermodels, and built a top rated reality show using two words America ache to tell their government, “You’re fired.” Both parties have abused our sound-byte culture for decades, and now they have to out play a man with more exposure than Miley Cyrus. Next to Trump, Bush looks like that kid riding home from the dentist.

When the audiences of “Here Comes Honey-boo-boo” and “Jersey Shore” know your opponent’s name, you’re sunk. No amount of commercials, hit pieces, news appearances, debates, campaign stops, book signings or straw polls can hurt such an opponent, and Karl Rove’s hundreds of millions will be wasted again. This crowd welcomed back Chris Brown after beating Rihanna; they don’t care about integrity, or poise, or even criminal history (which is why Hillary has a chance). Trump is from their side of the tracks, and he’s saying the same things on TV that people have been screaming at their TVs for 20 years.

Like ancient Rome, the establishment of both parties have been using entertainment to distract America from their hijacking of our nation. They may try to attack Trump on substance, but it will likely fail. Our culture hasn’t cared about substance for a while; one look at Super Bowl ratings vs. primary election voting numbers tells us if they did there would have been a revolution by now.

Dear Establishment, witness your creation. Now choke on it.


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